Areas of Law

Our law office represents and advises private individuals, companies and organisations. Our core competences lie in the following areas of law.

Criminal Law

  • White Collar Crime and Corporate Criminal Law
  • General Criminal Law / Criminal Defence
  • International Mutual Legal Assistance and Administrative Proceedings
  • Law on Secondary Penalties (Financial Market- and Banking Law, Sports Law, Medical Law, Building Law, Road Traffic Law etc.)
  • Juvenile
  • Military
  • Victims and damaged parties assistance
  • Internal company investigations
  • Compliance and Corporate Governance (prevention concepts etc.)
  • Administrative Criminal Law
  • Legal opinions
  • Money laundering
  • Bribery and corruption
  • Banking and capital market criminal law
  • Insider trading and exchange trading
  • Industrial espionage

Administrative Enquiry

Police Law

Road traffic law

Business Law

Public Employment Law / Employment Law

  • Employment Law
  • Public Employment Law

Civil Law

  • Contractual Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Sports Law
  • Family Law
  • Legacy Law
  • Insurance Law
  • Employment Law

Administrative Law

Health Law